Canadian eh?

Hi y'all, yes I have moved to Canada for a year! Sorry for being terrible and keeping you in the dark. Over the past few months, I have done a teeny bit of travelling here and there and was lucky enough to settle in Toronto and catch the end of summer. Say what?

The biggest challenge was probably packing up and moving out of our 3 bedroom apartment in a week and saying goodbye to all our friends and families, quitting our jobs and trying to fit all our "essentials" into two large suitcases each!

Well it certainly has been an adjustment and after about three months now, we have settled in nicely in downtown Toronto in a teeny tiny apartment but with amazing views of the city! Summer in Canada has been fun as we spent our weekends biking around town and exploring the city. We will have to come up with dryer and warmer ways of getting around town with winter fast approaching and temperatures diving down to sub zero! Join us on our new exciting journey as we explore Canada!

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