Chanel Makeup haul II

I know I haven't posted up my first haul yet but I was too excited about the loot mum and dad brought back for me from overseas! Thank you!

Can't wait to try these out, I am usually quite obsessed with Chanel's collection of nail polishes and this loot will not disappoint! #513 Black Pearl is a very different greenish steel colour (I must be into greens lately), #475 Dragon is a classy red, #307 Orange Fizz is just like it's name - an orange peachy summery colour and #210 Lilac Sky is a pearly purply pink.

I have yet to try the Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme lipsticks but I have tested them out at the Chanel counters before. Rouge Coco #21 Rivoli is a deep plummy pinky red and #05 Mademoiselle is a cute mauvy pink. 

I am still looking for that perfect red and it's driving me nuts trying to find the right red!
Chanel Eyeshadow (Taupe Gris, Ebony), Le Vernis Nail Colour (Lilac Sky, Orange Fizz, Dragon, Black Pearl),  Rouge Coco Lip Colour (Rivoli, Mademoiselle), Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner (Cassis)


The SA was nice enough to throw in these samples: INIMITABLE EXTREME Mascara, Mat Lumiere Extreme Powder Foundation, a very nicely packaged in white Light Mastering Whitening Compact Foundation (Ah-hah hence the white packaging), and some day and night Ultra Correction Lift cream.

If you will excuse me, I have some beautifying to do... good night!


  1. You should try Chanel Rouge Lacque in's intense red.

  2. I'm not sure if bright red suits me, I've tried on a few and always end up looking devilish. I think I may be better suited to brown tones. I'll check out Dragon, guess what? Nordstrom ships to Aus!

  3. You are obsessed!