Summer escape

Harpers Bazaar Australia, Chanel Le Vernis Graphite, Camper Sandals

Summer has arrived at last and I celebrated it with a good mag, a nice pair of Camper sandals (xmas gift from D), a Chanel nail polish in Graphite (xmas gift from Kim) and a cocktail or two.  Another essential is a bowl of lychees (but I managed to consume the whole bowl before my camera even made it out of the bag oops) or super sweet and ripe mangoes which are perfect on a hot summer day, too bad the weather hasn't reached anywhere near 30 this year.

I have also just started shooting with our new Canon S100 which is kickass. Being a die-hard Canon 5D Mk II fan, I found it hard to switch but this little point and shoot has really exceeded my expectations. Some cool functions include the ability to film in Full HD, toy camera (vignette like), miniature effect (tilt-shift like), fish eye and many more! Here's a preview below. I think this might be the camera I will use from now on especially for happy-travel shots!

One more day left before we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome in 2012. Hoorah!

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