DIY: Friendship bracelet (The candy stripe)

Remember those friendship bracelets you used to make as kids to swap with friends in school?  Well I see they are making a comeback and I thought I'd revive my inner child and do some DIY....and to keep myself away from the shops! Here's what you need:
  • Some colourfast coloured stranded cotton (any colour you like!)
  • Some charms (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape

* Music and a nice cup of tea helps pass the time as you will be sitting down for an hour at least. Ouch.

Grab your supplies from any craft store, I bought mine at Lincraft, Sydney store. I nearly went blind from browsing through all the colours, there were hundreds to choose from!


Pick out all the colours you want in your bracelet and cut about 60-70cm in length depending on the size of your wrist.

Position the colours in the order the you want them to appear as a pattern and tie a knot leaving about 8-10cm at the end (you will be braiding this later). Take it down on a bench or something that won't move with a piece of tape.

Starting with the first strand (purple) on the left, make a knot with the second strand (red) by putting the first strand over the second, then go under the second and out through the loop you have created. Remember to always knot twice over each colour. Voila you have just created your first knot!

Continue to knot with the first strand (purple) until you reach the end of your first stripe (your purple will now end up on the right). Then simply repeat with the next strand, so the red one this time. Then repeat this over and over again until you get to the length you need leaving about 8-10cm at the end before tying and knot. This is where a cup of tea and music comes in...

Nearly there! Finish it off by braiding the ends and adding a charm if you like. I added a cross and looped it through some of the strands before braiding to hold it in place.

Finished! Now you are ready to rock it like it's 1969!

I'll try and do the other patterns if I remember them. I used to have a whole book of them in school but now that you have the hang of it, just make up your own patterns! Have fun!

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  1. I like this DIY bracelet. But seriously,I don't know how to make such one by myself.