Miu Miu opening

Did you know?
Miu Miu launched in 1992 and was named after Miuccia Prada's nickname, grand-daughter of Mario Prada who started PRADA in 1913 with his brother Martino. Mario didn't believe that women should be in business and prevented his daughter Luisa (Miuccia's mother) from having a role but later became his successor and ran the company for twenty years before Miuccia took over in 1978. Now how's that for women-power?!

I was on my way over to my friend's wedding reception when this bright yellow glow caught my attention. Oh my goodness it's MIU MIU! They just opened this week and with a shop front as bright as that I think you can probably see it from the moon - well not really. This is right on the corner of Castlereagh St and Market St smack bang in Sydney CBD, part of the many new boutique stores that have just opened in the newly renovated Westfield building. I saw beautiful shoes, bags, clutches, wallets and many many more shiny things!

Needless to say, my bf pointed out a red little gem which goes right at the top of my 'list'. I can't be blamed if someone spots it out for me right? Anyway, keep on walking...ignore the bright lights!

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