My First Chanel

Chanel Classic Flap Med/Large Black Silver. Timeless classic
Hi, this is my first post and I wanted to kick off by talking about my newfound obsession, Chanel. In recent years, I have purchased several handbags but ultimately, there was always one at the back of my mind which stood apart from the rest.

My heart was set on the Medium/Large Classic Flap in Caviar Black Silver. Why caviar? I am the most accident prone person I know and it would just break my heart if I scratched my lambskin so I would still cry if it was scratched but at least I wouldn't see it as much on a caviar, I hope.
Ok, the price was definitely not for the faint hearted (I nearly cried when I found out how much it was here), especially when it was retailed for AU$4650 at the Sydney Chanel boutique store. My oh my was it hard to let go of it when I tried it on for the first time.  Convinced that the strong Aus dollar could fetch a better price elsewhere, I did my own research..

Chanel prices for the Classic Flap Med/Large (May 2011)
Sydney AU$4650
New York US$3400
London £2500
London Heathrow Airport £2080
Singapore S$6620
Malaysia RM13390

I was lucky enough to have my friend's boyfriend who happened to be passing through Heathrow Airport on the way back to Sydney to pick one up for me for £2080 (tax free) which was roughly AU$3300! This saved me AU$1350! Good heavens, that's almost enough for a WOC....well almost. I am extremely happy with the bag, it is everything I expected it to be. Soft and supple, with a roomy interior to fit essentials, the fact that you can wear it many ways makes it extremely versatile.
To my friend's disbelief I have yet to wear her out, I have been waiting for an occasion to deem it worthy enough! :) If you think you will settle for just the one Chanel, think again. Chanel fever grows on you and soon you will be dreaming of your next purchase! Let's see, who is flying through London again...



  1. You need to take her out! She's getting cabin fever in that box.

  2. She is getting her beauty sleep for her big debut :)

  3. wow, amazing... i am a guy,all i see is a bag, a black one. closely i see hard metal chain on the strap, i can't help thinking you are chained like a slave ( on your shoulder obviously ) to carry a black bag...which some see it as a living thing, scary!